How to write a thesis?

Introduce you do not leave a good intro until you know what the paper is in the body. Introduction section (s) before checking the letter portion after you finish the paper. Make sure you have a hook at the beginning of contact. In an interesting statement to encourage your reader to read other parts of […]


A Women River

The river of the river is the river of love Dream of a Tamils with the emotion We forgot and forgive the neighbours The second is the second one because if you ask a hundred   If the river rises, the river is standing The smaller rivers are the rivers that flow The foam shells […]

Oh friend my friend

We think that we are friends, but actually not Our friendship for other think wave, for us a deep Sea We can’t find each other , In the dark An unpleasant think which occurs in our thought Though we think we are friends. Ya! Lamp thinks that it gives light A day doesn’t need a […]

Zero day fortune

It was a day with painful Desire Am coming with heart of weakness It’s sure that am breathing underwater, Am not sure therefore I am She is a wave in the Sea I read a book without pages, I walk without floors It’s raining without wet Am strive For love , for not life Drowsy […]

utopian love

Breeze to touch without telling The eyes of my love angel Lightning poured in the chest Her love is twinkling Go slowly within a day Your silence will kill me to kill me With this love I became a flying paper Breeze to touch without telling The eyes of my love angel Lightning poured in […]

Fall forward

Every flower says The battlefield is a fight Every morning I say Night will come one day Hope should be in our lives A day in which the ambition is sure to win O my heart, you change Let the mountain pass over the mountain Never mind and never break What should not be the […]

Why she need Feminism

Because the worst thing you call a man is a girl. Because in seventh grade I asked my mom why girls shave their legs and she said it makes us feel clean. Because I felt clean until she said that. Because I shaved my legs for the first time that night. Because of silk-sheet limbs […]

What is feminism

Gender equality is not considered as feminism we want to see more behind that so what is feminism? In most of the cases in families when feminism arise it leads to divorce See mens are always smart they liberally give way for womens but the womens think that they need to be more stronger or […]