What is feminism

Gender equality is not considered as feminism we want to see more behind that so what is feminism? In most of the cases in families when feminism arise it leads to divorce See mens are always smart they liberally give way for womens but the womens think that they need to be more stronger or equal to men. Feminism is considered that every women, who she is best in the society by the way she proved out to the society she stand in indidual by her own hard work they were considered to be a feminist.

The one who always fight for an individual equal rights will not through which do not considered as feminist. A feminist show through her way in a incorporated societies in dumped political societies in the way where she lives what she does or what will be it’s not a matter however she is whoever she is whatever she maybe she should be show her own talent to the societies natural inbuilt talent should be outcome when it shows to the society lots of womens come out then automatically the mens dominated by the individual works of every woman’s. Then it happens automatically man liberally get to know that womens were not less than mens. So prove yourself as individual talented persons in the society is what you can do? what you know to do ?the individual successful Womens are the best examples of rivalone person who brings lacs of womens to come out and do they know their own individual talents to the societies.

Thank you

Jai Hind


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