A Women River

The river of the river is the river of love

Dream of a Tamils with the emotion

We forgot and forgive the neighbours

The second is the second one because if you ask a hundred


If the river rises, the river is standing

The smaller rivers are the rivers that flow

The foam shells are foam in the foam

Kaveri comes from Talakaveri comes from hope


In the summer you know the beauty of water

When shy, the fingers melt and the touch touches

You and the woman are in a bottle

Born in the water pond Water on the shore


The color of the color is the river that circulates

The beauty of the curves, the beauty of yours

The goodness of the rivers is the nature of the feminine

The smaller rivers are the rivers that flow


You are the milk of the cow

She is the mother of the mother

If you think of the girl if you think

All the borders can be dissolved.

– Dhananchezhiyan


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